The MorsaWrap Family

W3 Range

The film in the W3 range is stretched during the manufacturing process when the yield is maximised, rather than during the wrapping operation.The result is that you can achieve film cost savings whilst maintaining good holding force on your pallet.

Available in both machine and hand applications and produced using manufacturing technologies that are up to the minute, embracing the nest raw materials to ensure consistent performance and tangible savings.

The table above shows the amount of holding force achieved over the stretch capacity of the film. W1 film has a maximum guaranteed stretch of 250% and the W3 film 50%.
Grade (μm) Width Length Colour
8 450mm 3000m Clear
8 450mm 4500m Clear
8 450mm 4500m Opaque Black
10 450mm 2500m Clear
10 450mm 4000m Clear
10 450mm 2500m Opaque Black

W3 Hand Film

Ease of application, high holding force and good puncture resistance are key to maintaining an economical yet effective wrapping solution.

In high output applications where volumes of film are used to secure pallets for both storage and distribution, the W3 range balances technology with expert application knowledge, the perfect choice for hand wrapping.

Currently available from 7μm thick, new films to enhance performance. MorsaWrap continue to develop

Grade (μm) Core Width Length Colour
7 Extended 430mm 600m Clear
7 Standard 430mm 600m Clear
7 Extended 430mm 600m Opaque Black
10 Extended 430mm 600m Clear
10 Standard 430mm 600m Clear