The MorsaWrap Family


The flagship in the machinery range, the M5 Machine has been developed to enhance the exceptional performance of the W9 film, which can stretch to over 400%.

With full operator control over every part of the wrap cycle through the MorsaWrap touch screen control panel, and pre-stretch of 380%, the M5 Machine has everything required in a pallet wrapping machine, offering the best wrap cost available on the market.

Turntable Diameter 1650mm
Turntable Inverter Driven,Adjustable speed 3 – 12 rpm
Maximum Pallet Weight 2000kg
Maximum Pallet Height 2500mm
Maximum Pallet Size 1200mm x 1200mm
Film Carriage Speed Inverter Driven, Adjustable Speed
Film Brake Power Pre-stretch to 380%
Power Single Phase 240v
Machine Weight 625Kg


  • Ramp
  • Extended Wrapping height up to 3000mm
  • Turntable Diameter 1800mm or 2000mm
  • Horse Shoe Turntable
  • Sensor for dark loads