The MorsaWrap Family


The greater the volume of pallets wrapped, the greater the need to balance the cost of equipment and wrap.The M3 Machine is developed for medium throughput operations and with pre-stretch of 240%, it offers a low cost wrap for a low investment.

The M3 machine offers the operator the same control over the wrap cycle as the M1 machine, whilst adding a pre-stretch system for low pallet wrapping costs.

Turntable Diameter 1650mm
Turntable Inverter Driven,Adjustable speed 3 – 12 rpm
Maximum Pallet Weight 2000kg
Maximum pallet Height 2500mm
Maximum pallet Size 1200mm x 1200mm
Film Carriage Speed Inverter Driven,Adjustable Speed
Film Brake Power Pre-Stretch with 250% Pre-Stretch
Power Single Phase 240v
Machine Weight 675Kg


  • Ramp
  • Extended Wrapping height up to 3000mm
  • Turntable Diameter 1800mm or 2000mm
  • Horse Shoe Turntable
  • Sensor for dark loads