The Morsawrap Story

It all began with a problem…

How can you keep your pallet wrapping costs competitive – without affecting costs elsewhere in the supply chain?

And from the problem came a realisation. Pallet wrapping as a product on its own is no longer enough - what is actually needed is a system.


And from the realisation came an idea…

A system that can meet your cost targets, adhere to your environmental responsibilities and ensure that your product arrives securely.

And so, MorsaWrap was born.

Our Method

Or to be precise, crafted, developed and recrafted as a method of synergising the packaging of pallets by marrying the wrapping method with the film used.

MorsaWrap isn’t just a product - it’s a system which combines the latest in pallet wrapping film technology, the application of that technology in a production environment and the equipment used to wrap the pallets.

In short, a pallet wrap intelligently applied.

Welcome to MorsaWrap.