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MorsaWrap is a new pallet wrap system, which is revolutionising the packaging industry. It was born out of the realisation that most pallet wrap users have no assurance that their product is wrapped securely.

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Pallet wrapping is a complex business. When it’s synergised with the product and wrapping method, you secure your pallet properly and cost effectively.

Get it wrong and you risk damage to your product, delays in your service, high costs and low customer satisfaction.The question is, how do you know if you are getting it right or wrong?

MORSAWRAP offers a full pallet wrapping system – pallet wrap intelligently applied.

MorsaWrap combines pallet wrap with cutting edge technology and manufacturing methods, utilising the highest quality raw materials to ensure exacting speci cations are met every time.

Whatever the product or whatever the method, there is a MorsaWrap film that will give you optimum wrapping quality at a cost effective wrap cost.

So feel free to browse our product range and remember, MorsaWrap is far more than a range of products and it’s only the application of knowledge from one our trained partners that can synergise your whole pallet wrapping operation.

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How important is the thickness of a pallet wrap? Does it really matter? It’s a question that is often put to Robert McEwan of MorsaWrap. In this blog, he explains…

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There has been much talk in the industry about Nanotechnology over recent months. But what exactly is it? And how can it benefit your packaging solutions? Nanotechnology is quite literally…

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